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Speedway Veterinary Hospital

Turn your dog’s natural smelling ability into a useful skill with this simple training advice.

Teach Your Dog to 'Find It'

Most dogs are naturally good at following their noses. Teaching your dog to 'find it' can help channel this ability into a constructive skill. Here's how.

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Speedway Veterinary Hospital shared a link.

One year after racetrack's closure, greyhounds in Tucson still need homes

Southern Arizona Greyhound Adoption, also known as SA Greys, is just as busy as it was before the track closed.

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We may not like fine lines on our own faces, but when it comes to dogs, the more wrinkles the better!

Slideshow: 8 Most Wrinkled Dog Breeds

See adorable pictures of wrinkled dog breeds like the Pug, Mastiff, French Bulldog and Chinese Shar-Pei - and learn tips for cleaning and caring for their skin.

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